Pavlok Crypt is a password manager that allows you keep all your passwords safe and never forget them again.

On this page, you'll learn how to get early alpha access to Pavlok Crypt — and save TENS of minutes a day not having to try to look up your password.

Here's how to get set up.

How To Get Setup With Pavlok Crypt v0.1.0

  1. Download this zip file, and extract is somewhere safe.


Date of this release: 30-Jun-2021

This release is the first working release for Chrome browsers. You'll need to

a. Unzip the file on your machine, somewhere safe

b. Open chrome and go to the url chrome://extensions

**Developer? If you have github and want the latest. The repo is here: . Email [email protected] to request access.

  1. Select Developer Mode

  1. Choose 'Load Unpacked"

  1. Select the directory you created from Step 1.

And boom -- you're in business! You should see it in your extension bar now. Pin it.

You might need to have your email registration confirmed by an admin. Please message maneesh via [email protected] or whatnot.

Much Love <3

Maneesh's Favorite Feature? Automatic 2-factor-auth.

I don't know if you're like me, but I HATE having to get an SMS in order to log in. I always have to find my phone, get confused, and —even if the push notification shows us — I have to type 6 keys in. And don't even get me started on email 2fa.

So that's why I love Crypt. You know when websites like FB/Amazon give you an option of SMS or TOTP? Looks like the first image below. Well, with crypt, it's built right in. Even better? When you autologin to a site with OTP, it instantly puts the code in your clipboard. Just click the Extension, press the login, and on OTP page press Cmd-V. Easy as cryptipie