Edited 6/18/2021 by Atlas Morse

  1. First step to creating a Zap is choosing the two applications you want to connect. For this example we’ll be connecting our email to our Pavlok Wearable Device.


  1. Now we’re going to choose which notifications we want sent from our email to our Pavlok Device. You can even specify the sender or label that you want to notify you. Be careful, you don’t want to accidentally Zap yourself with spam emails.


  1. Go ahead and sign into your email account to connect it to Zapier. It is encrypted so you don’t have to worry about those pesky email thieves.


  1. Setting up the trigger allows you to choose which sender or label you want to be notified about. Remember, don’t choose the spam folder.


  1. We are now going to test the trigger to make sure we are only getting the emails we selected in step 4. Press that blue button.


  1. Zapier will select three of your emails to verify that the trigger works properly. Be sure to check your email and confirm it works. Then click Continue.


  1. Still with me? Good! Now we’ll move on to setting up the Pavlok portion of the Zap. There are 4 Action Events we can choose from to send to our device. Vibrate, Zap, Beep, and our most fun setting, Send Song. Here at Pavlok, we call them Stims. (See step 9a for instructions on Send Song)


  1. Don’t forget to sign into your Pavlok account as well. This is the account you use to sign into your Pavlok App or Pavlok 3 App.


  1. Don’t worry, we're almost done. Now let’s set up the intensity of our notification. There are 3 settings, Low, Medium, and High intensity. You can also set a personalized notification text to receive with the Stim.